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‘State of the Art’ Supply Chain solutions for the complete Supply Chain today require end-to-end tracking-and-tracing of all material, product and resource movements based on efficient identification methods. Using our customized CASC-AID portfolio solutions we ensure this end-to-end tracking-and-tracing for our customers. Our ROI-based approach ensures that our solutions pay back quickly and transparently to our customers.

We develop, implement and support customized automatic identification solutions in the industrial, commercial and service sector.

Our focus is your success and your satisfaction!

Our success is based on the contribution to our customers’ success. To meet our own and our customers’ aspirations we are more than a mere supplier of ID-technology. We support them by developing, implementing, running and maintaining our customers’ identification solutions. That is why our customers trust in us and already involve us in the very early stage of their projects to develop and implement standardised yet tailor-made ID processes.

Based on our proven long-time experience, we deliver to our customer solutions, which work from the first moment, increase the efficiency and avoid typical ‚traps’. After the successful implementation our customers prefer to work in a continuous partnership with us. They trust in our service and reliability. We have demonstrated to support our customers in their requirements during developing, implementing and running their solution. Also during maintaining and repairing we have carried out our responsibility, ensuring customer success.

Please ask our customers. They will confirm: The power to innovate, to deliver in time, service and reliability are part of our company genes. Our transparent ROI-based approach ensures our solutions pay back quickly.

Reliable solutions consist of reliable components and a reliable partner

This is the reason we have continuously developed further our CASC-AID Portfolio and will do so also in the future.

Please contact us and benefit from our know-how and long time experience. We will support you to create your business case.


Antra ID Team