Labels help to identify different kind of objects by the information indicated thereon. There are plenty of labels on the market and their application defines which one should be selected. Mainly the functional requirements, the application areas define which label should be selected for the project.

Labels can be classified based on different categories. By considering its material the following types of labels can be differentiated:

  • Paper
  • Synthetic (PET, PP, stb.)
  • Metal
  • Ceramics

Base on its size and form there are plenty of variations existing. The space for applying the label and the amount of carried data define the size of the label.

Additionally, the specification of the label printer should be also considered. The printing technology of the printer can also highly effect the type of label needed for the application. Label printers can work with direct thermal and thermal transfer method. According to the printer technology there is another classification of labels, thus there are labels like:

  • Direct printing, thermo label (thermodirect) using heat to print
  • Indirect printing, thermotransfer label using ink ribbons (see below)

There are also self-adhesive and no adhesive (carton) labels on the market.

In case of self-adhesive labels the strength of applied glue of the label can also determine the label’s application areas. In this case there are two classifications:

  • Rubber-based (for short term, normal circumstances),
  • Acrylic-based (for longer term, extreme circumstances) label

There are different kinds of adhesives as well, which can also determine the label’s application areas:

  • General use, permanent adhesive
  • High adhesion, durable adhesive
  • Removable adhesive
  • High and low (freezable) temperature resistant adhesive
  • Washable (with water) adhesive
  • Safety adhesive

The good quality label together with a well-designed and well-completed printing are essential for a productive operation, therefore it is recommended to consult with an expert. Inappropriate design and printed label can effect the label printer itself, the lifecycle of printheads, thus it can increase maintenance cost. Besides the higher operating cost, the reading process of poorly designed and printed labels can be more difficult, harming the operation.

Our company has many years of experience in providing labels for different application areas and for different label printers. Additionally, the company also provides ready-made label solutions for clients, where special mechanic impact resistant, humidity resistant, heat resistant and solvent resistant labels are needed.

Among our supplier partners you can find manufactures providing outstanding quality in Hungary and globally too.

In our product portfolio you can find from simple unprinted paper label, through polyester, polyamide and other synthetic materials to ceramic materials resistant till 1400 °C and destructive security label (void), which are made for barcode.

For the most-common used label printers like Avery Dennison, Sato, Zebra, Intermec, Godex, Eltron, Citizen, Casio, etc. we keep labels in stock of different sizes; in very short term we are happy to fulfil special needs as well.

We deliver labels to our clients regulated under framework contract on a monthly basis and our Service Department completes preventive maintenance of the working label printers.

Should you have any more questions, please contact us.


During thermal transfer printing the generated picture or data on the label is created by using a ribbon. While printing the heat of the printhead transfers the ink from the ribbon bonding to the label surface. Based on its material we can differentiate the following ribbons:

  • Wax-based
  • Wax-resin, and
  • Resin

In our product portfolio you can find several ribbons with different colours. Our partners are the world leader ribbon suppliers.