Mobile Logistics Workstation

Mobile logistics workstation enables a flexible, on-the-spot working environment that is independent from high-voltage electrical network due to its installed battery and charger. Thanks to the quick and comfortable battery exchange option the device can also support 3-shift operations.

Ergonomic, customizable design

The mobile workstation has an ergonomic and easy to customize design, which enables using your working devices on site together, such as industrial printers, industrial PCs, terminals, data capture and other equipment. It supports a flexible mobile data recording.

Working process optimization

With the mobile trolley your working paths can be significantly reduced, thus improving your logistics and production processes (goods-in, put away, picking, stock-taking …).

Available Mobile Logistics Workstation types

Depending on its size and other parameters our company provides the following three models.

  • MW 1100
  • MW 1100G
  • MW 600

Our mobile logistics workstation-based solution is called TMW, which aims to optimize manual working processes. For more information about our turbo mobile workstations please visit the following link:

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.