RFID tag

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based automatic identification has got an important role in logistics and production.

Along with the technology tendency our company has designed and installed RFID based logistics concepts since 2010. We mainly focus on UHF RFID solutions.

In an RFID system tags are the data (digital data) carriers.

Based on its physical characteristics, RF (Radio Frequency) specifications (frequency range, reading distance, chip, memory, material compatibility…), environmental features, plenty of RFID tags are available on the market. According to its frequency range there are tags with Low (LF), High (HF), Ultrahigh (UHF) and Superhigh (SHF) Frequency. Mainly the functional requirements, the application areas define which RFID tag should be selected for the project.

During our logistics and industrial projects we mainly gained extensive experience with UHF RFID tags.

In our product portfolio you can find active, semi-passive and passive tags, from the very simple, printable paper-based tags to very special hard-tags, which are resistant to highly harsh mechanical impacts.

We have many years of experience and of expertise at RFID, therefore we are capable to realize a system which you need for your processes, taking also ROI into account.

Although the cost value of RFID tags is higher than of barcode labels but they are capable of storing and processing of much bigger amount of data.

Manufacturing companies with an outstanding quality and expertise in Europe and also globally can be found among our supplier partners such as Alien Technology, CAEN RFID, Confidex, Omni ID, Schreiner ProTech, SIVA IoT, The Tag Factory, Xerafy …. We can provide the RFID equipment (antenna, mobile terminals, printers and of course tags) to enable an efficient warehouse logistics and production tracking system as well as automated inventory processes.

Should you have any question regarding RFID solutions, please contact us!