MDC – Mobile Data Collector

OS: Windows, Android

How can your logistics processes easily be digitalized?

Our MDC (Mobile Data Collector) Application System has been continuously developed since 2006, it provides several opportunities to different logistics areas to realize more efficient working processes, it is one of the key basis of our solutions. MDC supports system integration and digitalization of multiple inventory, material handling (receipt of goods, goods-in, delivery…) and production processes, which enables realizing different Process Controls and Management of the system, and of course meet the demands of the Quality Management processes too. By digitalizing the processes a paperless logistics is enhanced, which also meets the requirement of both Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0) and environmental sustainability. It facilitates the establishment of the so-called „Smart Factory”.

With our MDC program we have successfully digitalized many paper-based systems, where we had to support processes based on VDA, the German automotive standard.

What are the system components?

Our MDC Information Technology system has already achieved customer satisfaction in many companies, in several areas. The „easy-to-customize” data collector system is capable to process, edit, transmit data captured from different sources. The system has two main components:

(1) MDC Mobile Client

(2) MDC Web Office

The web-based application gives an opportunity to access data easily from anywhere for authorized users. It has several supported data collecting forms: Smart Data Input, barcode reading, mass barcode reading, Direct RFID handling, high speed mass RFID reading, RFID writing …

The MDC mobile client can leverage the max. reading rate of the RFID radio in the device, the reading speed is about 300 Tag/sec, which can be easily and effectively handled by our application. In case of RFID writing among others it is possible to program the RFID Tag with a mobile device along with business logic decisions on site (the RFID tag is paired with the ID code of the item and recorded in the system)

The system can be combined with the most „state-of-the-art” Auto-ID technologies, and the captured data can be integrated into the business model. Beside the RFID readers among others the following technologies can be integrated into the system: Stationary Industrial Scanners, Barcode Printers,
SAP-RFC, Smart Lamps, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS, e.g. UWB), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems …

As far as its operation is concerned the MDC Mobile Client is capable to capture barcode and RFID „batch” based data without Wi-Fi connection, thus it can easily operate in areas where there is no proper Wi-Fi coverage.

Universal program

Our web-based development is an universal program where more back-end processes can be displayed on a screen, thus enhancing transparency of processes. For instance, at Receipt of Goods, what we see on the „Goods-In” mobile screen, it is composed of typically more basic ERP processes (e.g. doc-generation, barcode printing and Put-away).

Process documentation

Our program supports the documentation of different logistics, material handling processes. Each and every process is registered and gets a time stamp which forms an excellent basis for different statistics analytics, facilitating decision processes. Documentation simplifies moreover the management of incidents too. Data can be easily migrated to MS Excel files.

Customization and scalability first

One of the main advantages of our application is its customizability, which is due to among others the scalability of the MDC system. First of all, the focus is on the process digitalization, the tracking of goods, which produce sufficient data to be able to detect the real processes. This provides further opportunities to our clients for optimization.

Analyzing the data captured from the system it enables to redesign processes and to implement important restrictions for different process controls, quality assurance into the system. Due to that the cost centers and responsibilities can be easily determined.

Finally, furthermore the system is capable to actively support and control different processes. MDC can show where is the article to find, or it can even support the expiry date principles too (FIFO / LIFO). Based on the results in a later phase of the project the Tracking Tasks can be transformed into Controlling / Managing tasks, enabling further development of processes. In the latter case we not only follow a process but we can also control it, e.g. we can instruct the worker, from which shelf which package should be taken.

Before the most relevant MDC program is selected for the project, it is necessary to survey the given processes of the company with the colleagues of the local logistics and the production department.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.