Traceability System

What is the benefit of a digitized traceability system?

Our traceability systems enable optimized, digital and transparent processes along the value chains in real time and so facilitate higher efficiency and profitability in the company. Among others it can enhance inventory maintenance, product distribution and can support compliance issues as well. If the location, the status and the movement of goods are clear and visible in a system, the cost centers and responsibilities can also be determined much easier. Additionally, by digitalizing the working processes it allows a paperless logistics, which also meets the requirements of both Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0) and of environmental sustainability.

We can talk about traceability in different areas. There are technologies which are capable to cover huge distances, therefore perfectly fit to track and trace along the whole supply chain, including transportation around the globe. Other technologies are more for inhouse applications, with different accuracy and tracking rate. They focus on enhancing intralogistics, typically close to production logistics. Our company has been dealing with and mastering the latter case for many years.

How does our traceability system look like?

Our traceability systems are fully customizable and scalable, they are part of our solutions. They are based on our MDC software platform, which is an “easy-to-customize” data collector system being able to process, edit and transmit the captured data from different sources.

The platform enables a user friendly, data driven application to retrieve data or any information required for more efficient working processes. It has two main components, (1) MDC Mobile Client and (2) MDC Web Office. It means that all the collected data of our traceability system can be managed either on a client (terminal) or on a PC. The web-based application gives an opportunity to access data easily from anywhere for the authorized users. All the processes are registered and get a time stamp, therefore it supports the documentation of different logistics, material handling processes and forms an excellent basis for statistics analytics, planning and controlling. Whatever happens with the goods during their ride, it is available and remains in the system. In the automotive industry for example it makes recalls possible or in the FMCG industry it contributes to the food, medicine … safety. Thus, traceability has a high add-on regarding quality issues as well.

Where does the data come from?

To be able to track and trace goods all the items must have a kind of Automatic Identification which is provided by the Auto ID technologies such as barcodes, RFID, RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems), etc. To verify the attributes and the history of a particular item, it must hold its own identification (e.g. barcode, tag …). The identification of goods can be easily captured by several devices specific to the given technology.

Our MDC software platform can be combined with the most „state-of-the-art” Auto ID technologies, and all the captured data can be integrated into our traceability system. You can now easily follow the goods along the value chain, the location of the item is accessible in real time for all the authorized people.

Of course, in our traceability systems we try to put high emphasis on safety and security issues as well. We understand – and therefore we act in a way – that we only manage the captured data and not owning it.

Before the most relevant traceability system is selected for the project, it is necessary to survey the given processes of the company with the colleagues of the local logistics and the production department.

Our company has been dealing with traceability systems for many years and our expert colleagues are happy to answer any of your questions. So please feel free to contact us.