We provide customized Auto-ID solutions clustered in our solution graph.

  • Service-oriented solutions based on Auto ID
  • Support of logistics and production systems of
    manufacturing companies and logistics service
  • Quick Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Paperless logistics
  • Innovation
  • Application of the newest technologies
    (Industry 4.0, IOT, Big Data Analysis, etc.)
  • Integration of the most recent Auto ID technologies
  • System independent, fast implementation
  • Professional project management

Customizable Adaptive Supply Chain System

by Antra ID


MTM analysis, logistics planning, system planning, customization, IT systemintegration, quality
control, full-maintenance, helpdesk, service (hardware and software).

Goods-In solutions:

Optimized solutions for quantitative and quality check of incoming goods as well as intaking goods
based on different product specifications and individual packaging techniques.

Picking solutions:

Selection, implementation and operation of the best technology based on efficient and quality
aspects (handhelds terminals, wrist terminals, „Pick By Light”, „Pick By Voice”, „Pick By Vision”,

Intelligent Transport solutions:

„Real Time” tracking and tracing of transport solutions for the application from the goods’ source
to destination, system integration of driverless transport systems and system optimization.

Effective Production solutions:

Structured tracking of materials, semi-finished goods, tools and other production resources as
well as preparation of preventive measures for decision-making by management. Support of
continuous and efficient production while achieving quality requirements.

Reordering solutions:

Systems to ensure continuous and optimized supply of parts. If possible automated with a full
„Real Time – On Line” tracking and tracing system.

Continuous inventory solutions:

Systems to ensure a continuous, efficient and accurate inventory of the goods and production
tools used in the warehouse, production and transportation.