cINVENT – 4S – Smart Safety System for Shop applications

• Security system based on UHF RFID technology
• Support a super-fast continuous, daily stock-taking
• Applies State-of-the-Art technologies (Industry 4.0, IOT..)
• Quick implementation based on standardized processes
• Stand-alone or fully integrated in “any” ERP system environment (e.g. SAP…)
• RFID reader system with 3 m reading distance
• Offline and Online mode support
• Seamless integration into existing Anti-Shoplifting Systems

With our cINVENT / 4S solution we kill two birds with one stone. First, we support the security system of shops with high-value goods with our UHF RFID technology. Second, by the applied technology the daily stock-taking can be managed quite fast and continuously.

How does the system look like?


RFID controller

RFID antenna

Mobile terminal

RFID desktop writer-reader

MDC software

Each product item in the shop gets an RFID tag with a unique ID code. In case of purchasing the given item is placed on an RFID desktop writer-reader device, where its RFID Tag receives an ID code, which can leave the shop without any disruptions. In case of stealing a product the antennas, installed to the top of the shop room detect the not-deactivated RFID tag and the system starts alerting. Additionally, the implemented RFID system supports an automated, fast and continuous stock inventory.

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