cINVENT – FIAM – Fixed Asset Management

• Modular, expandable, customizable inventory solution
• Quick and efficient stocktaking
• Versatile data collection with different input options (keyboard, bar codes, RFID, photo)
• Mobile-device supported inventory management
• Online and offline data collection options
• Multiple data interface solutions
• Steady, explicit user interface
• Web based support
• Sophisticated logistics processes

A fixed asset inventory is a must to do due to accounting regulations. Depending on the multiplicity of company’s fixed assets the compulsory and regular inventory may cause difficulties for businesses. Our cINVENT / FIAM solution solves this issue, which enables a scalable and customizable Auto-ID based fixed asset inventory management. With our solution the time for inventory can be significantly reduced.

How does the system look like?

  • Selected Auto ID technology (barcode, UHF RFID)
  • Barcode label or RFID Tag
  • Mobile terminal
  • MDC software


Each and every fixed asset gets an ID code with a barcode label and / or RFID Tag. With a handheld terminal and its installed MDC software the data of fixed assets are captured. By using our software the data captured from different sources is processed, edited, transferred to the company’s ERP system. The web-based application enables to access data from anywhere easily for authorized users. On-demand reports can be generated too.

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