cINVENT – LEAN – Automated permanent stock-take solution in LEAN lifts

• Solution for automated continuous stock-control based on RFID-technology
• Using State-of-the-Art technologies (Industry 4.0, IOT, Big Data Analysis…)
• Quick implementation based on standardised processes either stand-alone or fully integrated in your system environment (e.g. SAP)
Results at a renowned leading first-tier automotive supplier:
• No production standstill since implementation (100% correct stock-data, 100% availability of spare-parts)
• 30% reduction of reaction-time at the handing over of spare-parts to maintenance-teams
• 75% cost-reduction due to elimination of annual stock-take
• Quick payback time (ROI) < 1 year

The inventory management is an accounting obligation, however, the operating efficiency can be measured by this activity too, thus it is an indispensable job in businesses. In case of LEAN lifts the inventory management is extremely complex and time-consuming, additionally the management of its stored goods requires close attention. Imagine that given a LEAN lift with several trays, full of equipment for maintenance, parts, tools. If a worker does not put back an equipment to its proper place, finding this item later can take plenty of time. Our cINVENT – LEAN UHF RFID solution provides a tool for solving this issue.

How does the system look like?

  • RFID Tag
  • RFID antenna
  • RFID controller
  • Mobile terminal
  • MDC software


Each and every equipment, tool, spare parts are equipped with an RFID tag, which contains the ID of the item. Fixed RFID antennas are installed in LEAN lifts together with the controllers. Every time when a lift tray arrives at the gate the antennas capture the data of the items on the tray, supporting an automatic, continuous warehouse inventory. Thank to the web-based MDC software the data can be easily accessed via the MDC WebOffice system by authorized users. If a given item is not found, it can have a physical, RF shielding reason. In this case a person can start detecting the source of deficit with a handheld terminal which runs the MDC program.

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