iNTRA – TMW Turbo Mobile Workstation

Human – machine interaction effectively

By the expansion of e-commerce and the significant growth of both the traditional manufacturing sector and the local logistics needs, the different logistics services have been gaining an increasing importance. Therefore those service providers can achieve a competitive edge, who are able to manage their logistics processes – receiving goods, goods-in, pick&pack, shipping / goods-out, stock-taking – more effectively. Implementing complete automated systems is one of the most dominant tendency of nowadays, however several process organizations and economical aspects have an impact on its development. By looking at the alternative scenarios we provide a favourable, quick ROI-based solution with our Turbo Mobile Workstation, which consists of an Advantech DLT-V72 terminal, an Avery Dennison ADTP2 EcoCut barcode printer with its innovative technology and of course a Mobile Workstation. Our solution aims to optimize manual working processes.

By applying our Turbo Mobile Workstation the efficiency can be significantly increased in warehouses.


The Mobile Workstation – thank to its installed battery and charger – enables a flexible, on-the-spot working environment that is independent from high-voltage electrical network. This way the working paths can be significantly reduced, saving unnecessary routes for your employees, which otherwise should be taken during the manual processes to reach the needed devices. Thanks to the quick and comfortable battery exchange option the device can also support 3-shift, continuous operations.

Due to its ergonomic and easy-to-customize design, the devices needed for mobile data capture can be placed practically, such as industrial printers, industrial PCs, terminals, data capture and other equipment. Thus all the necessary industrial devices for different logistics working processes are always at hand. You can take the mobile workstation wherever you wish.

The other part of our Turbo Mobile Workstation is the Advantech DLT-V72 terminal.

Why do we recommend to use this device?

Its powerful processor and its flexible expandable memory effectively support the connectivity to different IT systems. The interfaces enable various applications of many additional devices. Thanks to its utmost mechanical and environment resistance it can provide a long-term solution for extreme industrial applications too.

The third element of the Turbo Mobile Workstation is the Avery Dennison ADTP2 EcoCut barcode printer.

Why is it so different from the other printers?

Thanks to its unique, innovative technology the label text determines the size of the label, significantly reducing the label waste and the related costs too. As less labels are needed, therefore the transportation costs are decreased as well, not mentioning the CO2 emission during transportation. By using ADTP2 EcoCut barcode printer a considerable operating cost reduction and an environment-friendly behaviour could be achieved.

The three excellent devices can even do more together.

Why should you select our Turbo Mobile Workstation?

Effective and profitable working processes

Flexible process support

Environment-friendly behaviour

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