sGIN – DPF Distribution Path Finder

By the expansion of e-commerce there is an increasing demand on satisfactory performance of Omni-Channel procedures and so the Last Mile Logistics has been gaining a high importance. Accordingly in the different warehouses, distribution centers it is utmost important to ship the package to the end customer as fast and cost-effectively as possible.

Among others this issue can be solved by the Pathfinder device of Avery Dennison.


The Pathfinder enables the integration of many functions only in one mobile device. This is an RF terminal, which is able to read barcodes, print labels, encode RFID and apply labels. The device enables to manage many working processes with only one device, directly On-Site, thus reducing the number of errors and accelerating the processes.

The warehouse workers – with the Pathfinder – read the barcode of the shipping label on the package at goods receiving. The Pathfinder communicates via Wi-Fi with the „MDC – Routing Software”. The system resends the specific shipping information of the relevant package to the device, which is then printed onto the label by the worker and is applied with an easy move to the given package. From this moment on the shipping of this package can be controlled and is easily track&trace. The drivers receive clear instructions on which packages should be loaded to their truck and where to deliver them.

What are the results?

Your processes become …

Faster (34% faster than any other system with 2-device)

More accurate (97% labeling accuracy)

More transparent

More efficient

More profitable

How does it work in reality?

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