sGIN – EELOG-CVQM Covid-19 Vaccine Quality Management

  • End-to-end track & trace of temperature sensitive products
  • Usage under extreme frigid conditions: until -80°C
  • Unit level identification – multi-product, continuous inventory
  • Storage, transport and receipt of goods under quality control
  • Correct, auditable cooperation between supply chain partners
  • Customizable workflow solution based on RFID and Barcode technologies
  • Automated ID at predefined places and gates
  • Logging of external trigger events into the logfile
  • Easy integration, data exchange with different external systems

The covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer must be transported and stored under extreme deep-frozen circumstances (~ -80°C) in order to keep its quality, which fact challenges the whole logistic process. As the supporting technology should also withstand the extraordinary circumstances, the Track & Trace of the vaccines becomes a more complex task. With our sGIN / EELOG – CVQM UHF RFID solution we provide a system, which can assist to Track & Trace the covid-19 vaccines automated and contactless even until – 80°C.

How does the system look like?

  • RFID Tag
  •     Mobile Terminal
  •     RFID Controller
  •     RFID Antenna
  •     RFID Desktop Reader
  •     Audiovisual Display
  •     MDC Software Solution


The pharmaceutical company must fix semi-passive RFID UHF Tags on the top of the packages holding the vaccines. The temperature sensor of the Tag is slipped into the package through the well-designed insulated hole. This Tag collects data from its environment (e.g. temperature, humidity…) in a given time periods during the shipment and the storage, which can be easily extracted and analyzed by the RFID antennas and the RFID handheld terminals at the checkpoints. The system warns with multilevel alarms if it captures a product which has exceeded or close to the pre-defined temperature limits during the goods-in and the whole shipping processes. Due to the specification of an RFID system a multi-product, continuous inventory can also be performed in the selected warehouses.

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