sGIN – EELOG – Environment & Event Logging System

• End to end tracking & tracing of temperature sensitive products
• Enables correct, auditable cooperation between supply chain partners
• Automated identification at predefined places and gates
• Different external trigger events can be added to the logfile
• Customizable workflow solution based on RFID and Barcode technologies
• Easy integration, data exchange with different Warehouse Management Software
• Secure, locked information available only for authorized personnel
• Smart FIFO support
• Industrial solution

The track&trace of environmental sensitive goods is a more complex task, as the supporting technology should also withstand the extraordinary circumstances. With our sGIN / EELOG UHF RFID solution we provide a system, which can assist to track&trace goods automated and contactless even until – 55°C.

How does the system look like?

  • RFID Tag
  • Mobile terminal
  • RFID controller
  • RFID antenna
  • RFID desktop reader
  • Audiovisual display
  • MDC software


In the box of each and every environmental sensitive goods a semi-passive RFID Tag is placed. This Tag collects data from its environment (e.g. temperature, humidity…) in a given time. When the package arrives at the target warehouse, the RFID system gives a warning that a highly sensitive material has just arrived and the warehouse workers shall manage its delivery with high priority. After goods receiving the data can be read and evaluated from the RFID Tag, ensuring a proper material quality.

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