vSAID – Service

One of our key activities is the service and maintenance of the provided equipment within and also over warranty period. Our service package can be fully adjusted to our clients’ needs. Besides ad-hoc repairs we are at your disposal at any time, even 24 hours each day within 4 hours.

Our clients can select from the following service packages:

1.„Silver” service package

2.„Gold” service package

3.„AID” insurance for device damage and breakdowns

We provide the following service activities:

  • Online System Support / Help Desk
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Ad-hoc repair
  • Consultancy
  • Regular trainings

Online System Support / Help Desk

Is there a problem with the RF network connection? Why cannot be more labels printed? Is there even bigger functional problem? We provide a human-based help-desk where our well-experienced colleagues can give you the answer immediately, therefore idle time can be significantly reduced. During working days, we can provide excellent help-desk services for 5 days, even 7/24 we can help your business with a separate agreement in place.

Preventive Maintenance

Our expert colleagues perform measurements on the given systems and equipment. Based on their results they do the necessary repairs and the fair wear and tear components are replaced.

Ad-hoc repair

Our company provides a 3-level service and maintenance service (Level 1. – 3.), under which frame we repair your accidentally damaged or broken equipment, even in 7/24 conditions.


How should be the RF terminal added to the forklift? Where should be its power supply cable connected to? There can be plenty of similar questions in a project in logistics or production. Our well-experienced colleagues can help you find the answer quickly therefore our client can easily save time and money during their operation.

Regular trainings

We believe in the importance of regular trainings in order to provide all the necessary knowledge to our clients for the operation of our systems and equipment or the further development of the related system.

Should you have any question about our Service and Maintenance service, please do not hesitate to contact us.