vSAID – System Integration

The result of the logistics planning / consultancy is a detailed process description, and for its IT mapping activity we provide our professional support.

Concerning modern IT systems, during the planning phase the question is always that which system is the best fit for the task. In reality there is no solution which can fully cover the problems. However, applying IT systems, which are fully planned for the given target task can provide opportunities for an operation with acceptable compromises. The selection can be determined jointly by both financial and expert criteria, the choice of an optimal solution in a given environment can affect the long-term effective and secure operation of the system.

During development there are plenty of possible solution options available for the user and also for the developer but the development cost and the installation deadline can only be kept within bounds by a precise, detailed task specification and by a disciplined change request. In our opinion it is highly recommended to involve IT experts into the planning phase already (process organization, defining user demands and the tasks of developers…).

Our solutions and services for system integration:

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